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Core Skills + Innovation = Future Focus

State Street Corporation | AXA Investment Managers

December 03,2019

Today’s financial markets are chaotic, making it hard for investors to isolate and execute on the best ideas.

Away from the noise, State Street LIVE events connect our clients with ideas and insights — from leading FinTech innovators, capital markets experts, industry changemakers and each other.

During a break in our latest LIVE event, AXA Investment Managers' head of Innovation Management and Strategic Initiatives, Laurence Arnold, discussed with us her company’s emerging technology strategy and how they are approaching opportunities for growth.

New investment tools are strengthening our employees’ investment skills and performance.

According to Laurence, today’s challenging environment — from geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility to cost pressures and increased competition — offers the perfect opportunity for investment managers to demonstrate their value and expertise. All you need is the right plan.

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Navigating Market Challenges and Opportunities
New Technologies Driving Efficiencies and Improvements
The Growing Role of Data in Executing a Growth Strategy

State Street Corporation | AXA Investment Managers